The problems listed above are created and intensified by negative pressure inside the building and uncontrolled air migration and circulation. Your facility may need a make up air system, positive pressure or better heat recovery ventilation system. All these problems and many others have been solved with Industrial Ventilation Systems custom engineered, manufactured and installed by AIRMAX. And, in all cases, AIRMAX has provided an additional benefit – huge reduction in energy costs.

When treating your specific problem, AIRMAX analyzes the effect the solution will have on your total facility. We design an air distribution system solution for the problem rather then treating the symptoms.

Control of air pressure and circulation is accomplished with our light-weight polyolefin flexible fabric ducts. Our fabric ducting requires no maintenance, and is easy and far less expensive to install than conventional ventilation systems.

AIRMAX specializes in Industrial air distribution systems that can solve your facilities' special needs. Let us assess your problem, design an air distribution solution, and install your new ventilation system! You’ll be pleasantly surprised how cost effective our flexible fabric systems are compared to conventional ventilation systems. Savings of 50% on heating cost with 1-2 year payback is typical.

2006 Filtration Product Airmax
2006FiltrationProduct014-500 airmax
Airmax filtration system

AIRMAX's unique fabric ducting material provides low-cost, lightweight ducting systems for air distribution and HVAC applications.

HVAC Contractors can earn more bids and save their customers $$$$ with the use of these flexible, lightweight, fire retardant polyolefin ducts. AIRMAX fabric ducting can be used to distribute cool a/c air directly at employees and work areas. It can be used in conjunction with air conditioners, dust collectors, blowers- anywhere air needs to be distributed.

Here's how AIRMAX works in a typical winter application in a facility with fume, stratification, negative pressure, draft & stagnation problems:

  • Fumes are exhausted at the floor level.
  • Cool make-up air is brought in at ceiling height and dispersed evenly over a long path through holes punched in the tube at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. (Engineering results determine number of holes, size and exact locations.) More air is brought in than is exhausted, creating a slight positive pressure.
  • Wasted stratified heat is used to preheat the cool make-up air. A side benefit is the dramatically reduced amount of energy required to heat your plant. AIRMAX evens the temperature from floor to ceiling and reduces heat loss through the roof.
  • Air flow is now from the ceiling to the floor, trapping fumes at floor level and forcing them down and toward the production exhausts, keeping heated air where it's needed. The building is now at a positive pressure, eliminating drafts, and reducing worker discomfort, complaints and illness.
Typically Air is Blown Upwards for Winter and Down for Summer Applications

Typically Air is Blown Upwards for Winter and Down for Summer Applications


Winter Heating Problems

  1. Warm air settles under ceiling forcing down colder air making work areas drafty and cold.
  2. Heat consumption rises as workers turn up the thermostat to try to get warmer.
  3. Open doors and bays cause cold air to be sucked into the main work area forcing any warm air available up to the ceiling.

Winter Heating Solutions

AIRMAX ducting provides even air distribution and circulation to interior areas of factories, warehouses, stadiums, and gyms.

  • AIRMAX ducting can attach to existing diffusers for efficient heat control and distribution.
  • Heat trapped in upper rafters is forced down by make-up air in AIRMAX ducting, providing comfort to occupants
  • Heat recovery systems capture waste heat from machinery, lights, etc. and move it to other areas of the building.
  • AIRMAX ducting is lightweight and can be installed without any major production disruptions.

Summer Cooling Problems

  1. Open doors and bays suck in warm air from outside, mixing with colder air settled on floor level. Air conditioning cannot be balanced properly.
  2. Air conditioning thermostat is turned down to compensate for incoming warm air causing a rise in electric costs. Stagnant air pockets develop.
  3. Burner and oven efficiency drops. Burner units corrode and process fumes settle in work areas.

Summer Cooling Solutions

Big energy saver for warehouses, gyms, stadiums... any facility with high ceilings.

  • AIRMAX duct is suspended low to get air to employees and/or spectators.
  • Air is directed downward to provide circulation to cool building occupants.
  • Hot air generated from machinery, lighting, etc. is forced up and out the roof.
  • AIRMAX ducts connect to fan units for exhaust or intake.